Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Das Beguiler!

I'm still going on the Hero Kids monster compendium.  Here's something different, the Beguiler (updated version below):

I'm still thinking about the best way to implement the effects of the eye stalks.  Should they all affect the targets for only they next turn?  Should they they have ongoing effects?  Can I find enough space on the card to add this information?  How many effects do they need?

Here's an updated version:

Questions, questions, questions...

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Friday, 29 April 2016

Dunno... Gladiators?

I'm slaving on the Hero Kids monster compendium.  So here are some gladiators.  Let's start with Gladiator Champion:

Gladiator Net Fighter:

Gladiator Novice:

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hero Kids pipeline...

People often come up to me in the street and ask, "Justin, what's next for Hero Kids?"

It's a great question, so here's a list of the things I'm working on:
•  Update all of PDFs to the new format monsters
•  Update the core Hero Kids PDF and print book
•  Write Reign of the Dragon
•  Create a Hero Kids monster compendium
•  Update the pirate monsters

Update the PDFs

I've been progressively updating all of the PDFs to reformat the monster standups into the new landscape format.  This horizontal format allows me to put more monster and hero stand-ups onto each page, more monsters cards fit on each page, and DMs don't need to cut the 'boss' monsters off the pages that include the monster cards.

Update the Core Rules

In the background I've been working on some minor updates and refinements to the core rules.  These updates include:
•  Expanded glossary to better define key game terms (such as 'engaged')
•  Added section on Equipment and Items
•  Added Advanced Combat section
•  A couple of new monsters, as explained below

I still have a few more bits to do:
•  Role-playing section with guidance for DMs
•  Update the print version

The hold-up with releasing the updated core rules is the print version.  I don't want the PDF to get out of sync with the print version so I need to update the print files and then get new proofs from DriveThru before I can release this updated version to the public.

Reign of the Dragon adventure

This is likely to be a premium adventure, and is taking a while...


I recently received this comment over on DriveThruRPG:
"Are the skeleton archer, skeleton swordsman, and skeleton warrior supposed to have exactly the same stats and special abilities as their pirate counterparts?"

The answer is 'no'.

These are some of the very first monsters that I created for Hero Kids, and not even I realized they were identical!  So I've redesigned the pirates with a new bonus ability (Timid instead of Rattled):



So these new pirates will be included in the updated core Hero Kids rules. There's also a couple of new pirates included:

The Pirate Recruiter amuses me... :-)

Monster Compendium

The monster compendium (maybe Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Threats to the Brecken Vale) is where most of my efforts are going at the moment.  Before I started the compendium I had released about 40-50 monsters across all of the fantasy adventures.  For the compendium, I'm working towards over 100 monsters.

To achieve this, I've been working on all my unused unique monster artwork and my mannequin monsters.

The current mannequin monsters are usually the humanoids to which I can mix and match equipment and weapons to create variations of the base monster type.  This includes the goblins and skeletons, as well as these nefarious brigands:

I have a few unique monsters I haven't used yet, like this crone, wraith, and zombie:

I've also commissioned a bunch of new monsters from Eric Quigley, so here's a preview of these new baddies:

That feels like a lot of stuff.  So here's a sneak peek at the developing list of monsters for the compendium:

Phew!  That seems like a lot!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Forest friends incoming...

Deep in the Darkenwold Woods of the Brecken Vale, a new band of Hero Kids heroes join the battle against evil:

•  The Spear Bearer Ferret uses his spear to keep enemies at bay.
•  The Turtle Knight's armor protects him from enemy attacks, which enrage his replies.
•  The Rogue Shrew moves like a shadow and strikes distracted enemies
•  The Badger Brute is a ferocious combatant who specializes in knocking down enemies.
•  The Warlock Ocelot's razor sharp claws deter enemies, and allies.
•  The Wombat Mage is an unstoppable force of nature who repulses his enemies with powerful magic.
•  The Otter Hunter pins down opponents with precise shots.
•  The Mouseling Warrior maiden is a fearsome warrior and inspiring leader.
•  The Squirrel Healer heals herself and her allies.
•  The Mouseling Warrior fights side-by-side with his allies.

Get it here: Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards IV

Friday, 22 January 2016

Adventures in Bayhaven - Pets Expansion

Brian Benoit has released a new Hero Kids-compatible pets expansion for his Bayhaven mini-setting.  The expansion features 11 new pets:

•  The Giant Riding Beetle has no attack, but its thick carapace makes it a powerful ally. (This pet card comes in two versions: Ladybug [aka Ladybird] and Rhino Beetle)
•  The Giant Komodo Dragon’s powerful bite can make enemies weaker
•  The Magic Butterfly can summon a whole swarm of butterflies with razor sharp wings.
•  The Wolpertinger is a strange and terrifying animal that most people have never seen.
•  The Chamrosh is a cross between a dog and an eagle – and it can make a leaping flyby attack.
•  The Raiju is a small animal that has electrical powers – it has a shocking attack, and it can move around with lightning speed.
•  The Stag is a regal animal, but you don’t want to be on the wrong side of his antlers when he makes his charge attack.
•  The Monkey is a clever and useful ally both in and out of combat.
•  The Porcupine uses its sharp quills to both attack and defend itself. It can even shoot them!
•  The Chameleon is virtually invisible when it’s sneaking around.
•  The Gromp has the ability to shake the earth and knock enemies over with its powerful stomp. (This creature was first seen in the Bayhaven adventure “The Ringmaster’s Request.”)

Get it here:
Adventures in Bayhaven - Pets Expansion

Friday, 11 December 2015

A Whole Lotta Heroes...

The time for complaining is over, 'cos I've finished coloring all of the Hero Kids heroes for the ArcKnight Flat Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter campaign.  

And... here they are:

If you happen to want to see all of them at once (including three extras):

Here's the link to DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG - Hero Forge Games

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Colored heroes for Flat Plastic Miniatures...

Ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew?  I decided to personally do the coloring for the Hero Kids heroes for the Flat Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter.  This is 20 of the 62 minis I'm coloring.  It's actually quite therapeutic...