Saturday, 20 August 2016

Introducing Hero Kids Monster Compendium

It's DONE!  (The PDF anyway...)

Now, I know you're dying to know what's in this bad boy!  The PDF of the Monster Compendium has 136 monsters in the 60 page book.  I've designed multiple monsters for most of the 'types', so you can mix and match them to create interesting (and challenging encounters).

Bats, Beguilers, Boars, Brigands, Bugbears, Commoners, Constructs, Coot and Crone, Cultists, Dragons, Elementals, Firestarter, Flaming Skull, Foxes, Froglings, Gargoyle, Ghost, Giants, Gladiators, Goblins, Gorillas, Guards, Helm Knight, Hydra, Knights, Kobolds, Lizardkin, Minotaur, Mummies, Pirates, Ratlings, Rats, Scorpion, Sea Serpent, Skeletons, Slimes, Snakes, Spiders, Tengu, Water Beast, Weasels, Werewolf, Wolves, Wraith, Wyvern, Zombies...

Each monster section contains ecology and adventure hooks for the monsters.  As Brian Benoit says:

"From the perspective of a GM, I absolutely love all the hooks you've included in the book.  You could literally flip to any page and run an off-the-cuff adventure off of any one of the hooks provided, so I love the book from that perspective.  I also like the lists of names included, makes it easy to name an NPC on the fly.  It's a nice touch."

The PDF also comes with another 51 page PDF for all of the monster stand-ups.  They look like this:

It's slightly hard to see here, but the top half is monsters numbered 1 to 4, and the bottom half of the page is the monsters numbered 5-8.  So depending on how you play, and how many monsters you throw at your heroes, you can just cut the top half of each of these pages.

Now that the PDFs are finished (pending any updates), I'm gonna put together a print version of this Monster Compendium.

Get the Hero Kids Monster Compendium here:
Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Monster Compendium

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