Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Hero Kids reviews and feedback roundup

It's been a little while, but I've been working/slaving on... Hero Kids things!

In the interim, there's been lots of reviews and random feedback for Hero Kids, so let's round it up:

"I just wanted to give you a quick shout to say thanks again for the complementary copy of Hero Kids. I played Basement O' Rats with my 8- and 5-yo boys and they went completely nuts over it! So I went and bought the full fantasy bundle and it has quickly become our favorite hobby.

Once I was comfortable with the system I ran a couple more sessions for my kids and their cousin (11-yo), along with my brother and my sister's boyfriend (both in their 30's) and it was a huge hit with everyone. Of course the adults added their own "flavor" to the game, secretly backstabbing each other and creating some pretty hilarious situations. Both my boys have created their own characters and pets, and my older son has started making maps and wants to run his own games eventually.

Anyway, I'm glad to have discovered the game as it has given me another way to connect to my kids, which is invaluable to me. I appreciate that you gave me a chance to check it out. Thanks and take care!"

Next, how about this:

"6.5 year old has very much enjoyed the game - we've played 2 of the adventures so far - one of which we did one evening while on a family vacation - just had printed the adventure beforehand - handful of 6 sided dice and a very compact game to play whereever the desire (or boredom) may strike.

Simple rules, simple math, the adults have had fun, she has had fun. Works on listening skills, critical thinking, some good math practice for the age group, and at least one of the adventures highlighted a discussion we needed to have on what kinds of things are appropriate for "keeping secrets" vs what should be discussed with an adult."

And maybe this:

"What a great system to introduce RPGs to my 6yo boy! I was an AD&D and GURPS player from waaaay back when, and have been missing the hobby. When my son found my old D&D books and expressed interest, I jumped at the opportunity. I went looking for an age-appropriate system, ultimately landing on Hero Kids.

We had our first extended session this past weekend, and boy howdy did he have fun! He picked up the game mechanics straight away, and I got back into my old GM groove (just like old times!) He immediately gravitated to the Wolfchild character, and we spent several hours just developing his backstory, and my mind is abuzz with some fun ideas for an extended storyline. I'm so jazzed he's taken to the hobby so enthusiastically, and that I'm able to scratch that RPG itch after so long.

Thanks for creating such a great game!"

And how about this:

"I DM D&D for my family and friends, but my younger kids and their friends want to play, too, and it is just over their heads. Hero Kids is simplified enough where the kids can grasp the concept, yet versitile enough that they can bring their own flair to the premade characters, or create their own custom characters. The system is well thought out and balanced fairly. I like how the hit points are simplifed and are "knocked out" instead of killed (Though I have some kids with huge imaginations that want the deaths to be cartoon bloody. lol).

I bought the complete package with extra heros, bad guys, and adventures. They're all awesome. I absolutely love that every hero and mob comes with a paper mini, too, that can be colored in for personalization. :)"

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