Monday, 29 October 2012

Hero Kids: The Game

Hero Kids is a D&D-style fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10.   This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games.   The game is for sale as a downloadable print and play PDF from DriveThruRPG.

•  Develop your kids' imagination and skills
•  Simple mechanics using only six-sided dice
•  Beautiful presentation, with fully illustrated heroes, monsters, and maps
•  10 heroes, including boys and girls
•  Challenge kids with combat and exploration
•  Playtime from 30-60 minutes
•  Includes a full adventure, Basement O Rats, with more adventures available

Hero Kids has a simple combat and adventuring system which avoids the complex maths of full-blown systems.   Hero Kids' opposed dice pool system also keeps the players involved in the game even when it's not their turn.

The combat and adventuring mechanics in Hero Kids are based on six-sided dice, so you don't need to find any unusual dice to play!

The core game comes in a 39-page PDF and includes all of the rules and play instructions, as well as 10 heroes for the kids to play, plus a set of 8 basic monsters (and all of the separate adventures come with additional monsters).   The game includes male and female heroes, including Warriors, Hunters, and Warlocks as well as unique heroes like the Rogue, Brute, Healer, and Knight.   All of the heroes and monsters also come with printable stand-up minis to use in combat encounters.

Additionally, the basic game includes the 19-page introductory adventure 'Basement O Rats', which comes with an extra monster and five illustrated printable encounter maps.   Can the kids rescue their friend Roger from the unusually large rats that have overrun the tavern basement?

Hero Kids has undergone and extensive development and playtesting to ensure the game is as simple, addictive, and engaging as possible.   But don't believe me, listen to the actual players:

"The game was great, we were off and playing within a few minutes of reading the rules!"


  1. kids hero games are really awesome, it teaches kids how to help other people or animals. In short, they're not just playing but you're also making them realize that there are lots of ways where in they can be a hero.