Monday, 29 October 2012

The Brecken Vale

The setting for Hero Kids is The Brecken Vale.   All Hero Kids adventures take place in the Brecken Vale; some in the kids' home town Rivenshore, some on the towering Druinhowe Mountains, and others in the dark and mysterious Darkenwold woods.

You live in a small village, Rivenshore, which is nestled in a tight valley beneath a range of towering mountains.
Rivenshore would be a beautiful place to live, if it weren’t beset by an endless series of calamities.
The village is on the eastern shore of the Camarva River.   The river runs fast and crooked from the mountains, down through the valley, The Brecken Vale, and out into a small bay.   To the east of the village are the dark and wild Darkenwold Woods, which have claimed many foolish travelers.
The Brecken Vale is bounded by the Druinhowe Mountains, their snow-covered peaks cloaked in cloud.
The vale should be a haven for its civilized inhabitants, but instead it keeps them in close proximity to no end of threats that offer boundless opportunities for adventure.

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  1. I really like Hero kids.

    As RPG-veteran I would like to have some more infos about the Brecken Vale.
    Im used to large tome of setting descriptions.
    I know its for kids and to have some fun, to play it loose and fast, but....

    Do you have names or notes for the other hamlets around Rivenshore?
    What is the crater at the eastside of the bay?
    Or is it a tablemountain?
    The lighttower?
    Maybe the hamlet at the northwest card corner in the mountain is a dwarf comunity?
    Tow of the farmlands seems to have walls. Why? Goblins in the woods?

    A few notes would be nice.