Monday 29 February 2016

Forest friends incoming...

Deep in the Darkenwold Woods of the Brecken Vale, a new band of Hero Kids heroes join the battle against evil:

•  The Spear Bearer Ferret uses his spear to keep enemies at bay.
•  The Turtle Knight's armor protects him from enemy attacks, which enrage his replies.
•  The Rogue Shrew moves like a shadow and strikes distracted enemies
•  The Badger Brute is a ferocious combatant who specializes in knocking down enemies.
•  The Warlock Ocelot's razor sharp claws deter enemies, and allies.
•  The Wombat Mage is an unstoppable force of nature who repulses his enemies with powerful magic.
•  The Otter Hunter pins down opponents with precise shots.
•  The Mouseling Warrior maiden is a fearsome warrior and inspiring leader.
•  The Squirrel Healer heals herself and her allies.
•  The Mouseling Warrior fights side-by-side with his allies.

Get it here: Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards IV