Saturday, 21 November 2020

Hero Kids full color release

The first stage of the Hero Kids color updates is now complete!

The following Hero Kids products are now available in full color:

  • Hero Kids Role-Playing Game (the core rules)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes II
  • Hero Kids - Heroes III (Heroes From Out of Town)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes IV (Forest Friends
  • Hero Kids - Heroes V (Monstrous Heroes)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes VI (All Hallows' Eve)
  • Hero Kids - Pets I
  • Hero Kids - Pets II
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes I
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes II
Check out a bunch of the new artwork below (including the new Brecken Vale map!

Hero Kids - Line-Up

If you want to get Hero Kids, or pick up any missing products, check out the complete PDF bundle:

And if you want more rip-roaring space action, check out the Hero Kids Space Adventures:


  1. My girls love playing Hero Kids! I just picked up the space adventures, can't wait to try that out with them!

  2. Oh I missed this updated somehow. Is Hero Kids - Heroes I coming in colour? That's the only one I can't see on drivethru.

    1. Hey Ryan, the core heroes are included in the core rules PDF. The B&W versions are now in a separate PDF.

    2. Cool, I was clearly just getting too enthusiastic as I haven't read to the end of the core rules yet. I see them now, thanks!

  3. I know you can colour them any shade, but are there any official black-looking Hero Kids hero cards? I was looking for one with afro-style hair for my nephew.

    1. How did I miss that thread!

      For the Hero Kids artwork in full color, I went for middle-spectrum skin tone for most characters, with a few paler-skinned characters and a few darker-skinned characters.

      For characters that are specifically black, there are a range at the moment:
      • Female swashbuckler from Heroes II
      • Male healer from Heroes II
      • Wolfchild from Heroes II
      • Nadic Warrior from Space Heroes
      • Nadic Healer from Space Heroes

      And there are a bunch of characters with skin color that is darker than the middle value I chose.

      Also, I have an upcoming set that might be more up your alley with two modern black kids:

      Let me know if this is what you're looking for! And if you need, I can fast-track the next batch of modern heroes.

  4. Hi @Justin,

    Check out the color maps I made for "Basements O Rats":

    (I'm releasing them to the public domain, so feel free to use them if you like.)