Saturday 21 November 2020

Hero Kids full color release

The first stage of the Hero Kids color updates is now complete!

The following Hero Kids products are now available in full color:

  • Hero Kids Role-Playing Game (the core rules)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes II
  • Hero Kids - Heroes III (Heroes From Out of Town)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes IV (Forest Friends
  • Hero Kids - Heroes V (Monstrous Heroes)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes VI (All Hallows' Eve)
  • Hero Kids - Pets I
  • Hero Kids - Pets II
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes I
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes II
Check out a bunch of the new artwork below (including the new Brecken Vale map!

Hero Kids - Line-Up

If you want to get Hero Kids, or pick up any missing products, check out the complete PDF bundle:

And if you want more rip-roaring space action, check out the Hero Kids Space Adventures:


  1. My girls love playing Hero Kids! I just picked up the space adventures, can't wait to try that out with them!

  2. Oh I missed this updated somehow. Is Hero Kids - Heroes I coming in colour? That's the only one I can't see on drivethru.

    1. Hey Ryan, the core heroes are included in the core rules PDF. The B&W versions are now in a separate PDF.

    2. Cool, I was clearly just getting too enthusiastic as I haven't read to the end of the core rules yet. I see them now, thanks!

  3. I know you can colour them any shade, but are there any official black-looking Hero Kids hero cards? I was looking for one with afro-style hair for my nephew.

    1. How did I miss that thread!

      For the Hero Kids artwork in full color, I went for middle-spectrum skin tone for most characters, with a few paler-skinned characters and a few darker-skinned characters.

      For characters that are specifically black, there are a range at the moment:
      • Female swashbuckler from Heroes II
      • Male healer from Heroes II
      • Wolfchild from Heroes II
      • Nadic Warrior from Space Heroes
      • Nadic Healer from Space Heroes

      And there are a bunch of characters with skin color that is darker than the middle value I chose.

      Also, I have an upcoming set that might be more up your alley with two modern black kids:

      Let me know if this is what you're looking for! And if you need, I can fast-track the next batch of modern heroes.

  4. Hi @Justin,

    Check out the color maps I made for "Basements O Rats":

    (I'm releasing them to the public domain, so feel free to use them if you like.)

  5. Oh my gosh. These are fantastic! I just recently purchased the German bundle PDF and my kids just love the game. I started to color the pdf's but came across your blog and, my god, are these beautiful. I see one can buy the english, colored version on drivethrough, but I also read sth about "public domain" in the latest answer here.
    Is there any way to get access to the colored maps / characters / monsters? I own the game already but would love to print out the colored version. This is so much more immersive!
    Thanks for your help.

  6. Esse mapa de Brecken colorido está perfeito! Comecei a estudar o sistema essa semana pra jogar com minha filha e sobrinho no final de semana! Muito bom!