Wednesday 28 October 2015

Hero Kids Review Roundup...

It's about time I posted some of the Hero Kids reviews that have been popping up around the Internets:

Tribality: Games Change Lives: Hero Kids RPG for Ages 4-10
"Hero Kids is an elegant system with straight-forward mechanics that kids from 4-10 can grasp.  The game uses 6-sided dice and a few characteristics that are represented visually: Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Defense.  So if you have a youngster you want to introduce to roleplaying games earlier than age 10, do yourself a favor and pick up everything Hero Kids.  You won’t regret it."

Review(ish) Session Report: Hero Kids – Escape from the Ghost Pirates
"Lately I’ve been trying to get my closest family interested in role-playing games.  Hitherto without any real significant success.  During our last session of Hero Kids, however, something extraordinary happened."

"I described the (ship from Escape From the Ghost Pirates) where the characters now found themselves in: heavy cannons, cannon balls, some rope and lots of crates and barrels.  This is the moment something clicked in the mind of my players and they suddenly began to actively interact with their surroundings.  They began to search the ship, discovering things and, most importantly taking advantage of it for both role-playing and for combat.  They discovered that everything is allowed and that there are practically no set boundaries in role-playing games.  "

"I recommend
Hero Kids for all adults that would like to introduce kids to fantasy gaming generally, and fantasy role-playing games specifically, but skip Basement O’ Rats.  Go straight to any of the other adventures in the Hero Kids-line and you should be set."

My Hero Kids and Their First RPG Session
"I recently introduced my board game loving boys, Josh (11 years old) and Evan (9 years old), to role-playing games.  It was a fantastic experience that I wanted to describe in my blog.

Hero Kids has several great aspects that I thought would appeal to my boys. First there is VERY little math.  For most actions instead of doing addition or subtraction you roll dice and take the highest number.  REALLY simple.  If you are better at something you roll more dice.  I also thought that Hero Kids was very intuitive to pick up but still has a surprising amount of flexibility.  I felt that I could EASILY modify the system to play superheroes, science fiction stars, cartoon characters, or anything my boys might want to play.  When I asked the boys they decided that they wanted to play heroes like Zelda.  That means epic high fantasy… easy."

...The next room featured a puzzle with a miner caught in a sinkhole.  In the first room they had collected a rope.  Even though it took some prompting by Don they eventually figured it out and saved the miner.  It was a nice little problem to resolve.

Overall I know the session went really well.  How do I know?  After the session Evan asked about the village where the characters live and the underground river that they saw in the mine.  He asked if they could investigate these next time."

Hero Kids First Session
"Today, my Hero Kids players met during Club time and managed to do the following:
•   Started the adventure in a tavern
•   Accepted a call for help
•   Went into a basement and defeated a group of rats
Three cliches in one session, it's awesome. Nothing is a cliche to these kids because it's all new to them."

So far, so good! We had quite a few eager watchers during the last part of the game as students came in from break-time. I'm almost disappointed I'm on leave for the next few weeks so that we can't carry on with
Hero Kids right away."

Hero Kids: An RPG for Little Role Players
"Like any good fantasy setting, Hero Kids starts in the local tavern with an introductory adventure called Basement o’ Rats, which asks our wee heroes to venture into the tavern basement to save their buddy Roger (of course he has the name Roger) from rats the size of those giant stuffed teddy bears they sell at Costco.  The adventure was a smash hit and my daughter immediately asked if we could run it again."

Hero Kids is great fun. She loves it and I love the time with her."

Here's the link to DriveThruRPG:

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