Friday 6 October 2017

New Monstrous Hero Kids Pets!

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new monsterous pets:

• Beguiler - The beguiler's eyestalks unleash powerful and versatile magic
• Boar - The battle-boar carries stalwart heroes into battle
• Gorilla - Enemies' attacks only strengthen the gorilla's attacks
• Griffon - The griffon swoops down to carry off its prey
• Hydra - Each of the hydra's three heads has a different ability
• Phoenix - The phoenix is shrouded in blankets of flame
• Salamander - The quick-footed salamander radiates intense heat
• Wyrmling - This juvenile dragon spits balls of crackling lightning
• Wyvern - The wyvern fledgling buffets enemies with its wings
• Yeti - The thick-furred yeti throws hard-packed icy boulders

Get them now from DriveThruRPG:
Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Pet Cards II

Saturday 19 August 2017

Downloadable Hero Kids GM Screen

Spencer over at Wisps of Time has put together a free Hero Kids gamemaster's screen AND a Google Docs version of Josiah Fiscus's encounter generator spreadsheet!

Check them out:
Hero Kids Compatible Game Master Screen

Friday 2 June 2017

Hero Kids Fantasy Adventure Compendium

The Hero Kids print trilogy is (partially) complete!

The Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG and the Hero Kids - Monster Compendium print books are joined by the Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium.

The Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium includes seven classic Hero Kids adventures ideal for novice players.

Explore the wilds of the Brecken Vale in these adventures:
•  Basement O Rats
•  Curse of the Shadow Walkers
•  Escape from the Ghost Pirates
•  Wizard's Tower
•  Fire In Rivenshore
•  Yuletide Journey
•  Tomb of the Lost King

The adventure compendium contains print-specific versions of these seven Hero Kids adventures. This book does not contain printable maps or monster cards, which are available in the Hero Kids PDFs.

The DriveThruRPG: Hero Kids - Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle includes a 50% discount coupon for the softcover print version of Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG, Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium and the Hero Kids - Monster Compendium (the coupon is emailed to you when you buy the bundle).

So if you want the whole lot (PDFs and print version of the rules), buy the bundle then use the coupon to buy the softcover print version of Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium for half price!

You can get the Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium here:
DriveThruRPG: Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure Compendium

Grab the complete Hero Kids PDF bundle here:
DriveThruRPG: Hero Kids - Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle

Sunday 26 March 2017

Super Kids by Conrad Evanshire

I love seeing people take Hero Kids and using it in new ways, so it's great to see Conrad's take on a superheroes in Hero Kids.

From the description:

"Capital City needs superheroes. The police are kept busy dealing with all sorts of problems. Criminals, monsters, aliens, and super villains pose constant threats. This is a city that can use all the help it can get. That’s where super kids come in!

Super kids have awesome powers. They can call down lightning on their adversaries, fly over the battlefield, summon minions to do their bidding, shapeshift into powerful creatures, pick up and toss enemies, and more. Some are as tall as giants, others have wings, horns, and tails, and still others equip themselves with gadgets like water cannons and snowball bazookas.

This expansion allows you to introduce your young players to superhero roleplaying games using the Hero Kids’ rule system. It provides details on the setting, inventory and skills, and 14 ready-made Super Kids characters. Super Kids can be set in any time or place. Other Hero Kids’ material can be adapted by Game Masters to suit your Super Kids gaming."

Check out Super Kids at DriveThruRPG:
Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids

And its adventure:
New Recruits - A Super Kids Adventure