Tuesday 10 December 2019

Brecken Vale Gazetteer

I'm working on something new for Hero Kids, and it's taking a while! 

It started as a simple idea to produce a official map of Rivenshore.  But since then, it's expanded to a gazetteer of all of the Brecken Vale.

The gazetteer will feature an overview of the regions of the Brecken Vale, a rundown of the key locations in Rivenshore, as well as details about notable characters from across the vale.  Additionally, the gazetteer will be packed with gameable adventure hooks to inspire your Hero Kids game.

Here's my original layout of Rivenshore:

Rivenshore layout

From my layout, Eric Quigley illustrated the village:

Rivenshore early sketch

Rivenshore work in progress

Which has become this thing of beauty!


Speaking of Eric, he's also illustrated a whole bunch of notable characters, both friendly and villainous, from across the vale:

Sheriff Walt
Lizardkin Shaman S'Lis
Mortain and Crow
Old Madge

Keep an eye out for the Brecken Vale Gazetteer in the not-too-distant future.