Monday 5 March 2018

Monstrous heroes into the fray!

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new monstrous heroes:

• Gargoyle Ambusher - The gargoyle hides in plain sight and swoops to attack
• Bugbear Brute - The bugbear brute swings a tree-trunk club
• Frogling Hunter - The frogling's sticky tongue pulls enemies closer
• Minotaur Knight - This bovine beast can charge with fierce horns
• Mummy Mage - The withering mummy terrifies enemies
• Goblin Rogue - Sneaky goblins scamper in and out from enemies
• Tengu Rogue - This baby tengu rains daggers at distracted enemies
• Fox Trickster - The fox deceives enemies with cunning and guile
• Kobold Warrior - This tiny kobold is a reckless warrior
• Lizardkin Warrior - Lizardkin are versatile warriors

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