Thursday 30 June 2016

Hero Kids - Monster Compendium preview

Quick update on the Hero Kids - Monster Compendium.  Each of the types of monsters will include a description of the monster, plus extra gameable details about their tactics and adventure hooks.

Here's a preview of the Elementals and Cultists:

Friday 10 June 2016

Six-Score Monsters Approaching...

Sooooo...  I'm still working on the monsters for the upcoming Hero Kids monster compendium. And now's a good time for an update.  First, I've finished 120 monsters.  Approximately 40 of these are from previous adventures and the core game.  The rest are new.  There's also a bunch of new art for some of the old monsters...

Second, I'm currently editing these monsters.  Much highlighting.

Third, I've been exploring boss monsters and how to make them work well when fighting one to four heroes.  For example, this hydra is my current favorite.  As you can see, each of its heads must attack a different target, giving it more actions as the number of attackers increases:

Finally, here's a preview of all these bad boys (and girls):