Saturday 21 November 2020

Hero Kids full color release

The first stage of the Hero Kids color updates is now complete!

The following Hero Kids products are now available in full color:

  • Hero Kids Role-Playing Game (the core rules)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes II
  • Hero Kids - Heroes III (Heroes From Out of Town)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes IV (Forest Friends
  • Hero Kids - Heroes V (Monstrous Heroes)
  • Hero Kids - Heroes VI (All Hallows' Eve)
  • Hero Kids - Pets I
  • Hero Kids - Pets II
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes I
  • Hero Kids - Space Heroes II
Check out a bunch of the new artwork below (including the new Brecken Vale map!

Hero Kids - Line-Up

If you want to get Hero Kids, or pick up any missing products, check out the complete PDF bundle:

And if you want more rip-roaring space action, check out the Hero Kids Space Adventures:

Sunday 1 November 2020

Heroes in full color

Thanks to everyone's sage feedback, I've decided to update all of the Hero Cards and Monsters to full color.  I will also maintain the existing B&W versions of the Hero Cards and Hero stand-ups for the folks who want to color in their heroes!

The first step in this process is to color all of the Heroes.  

Which is a lot:

Here's a sneak peek at what a colored Hero Card looks like:

More on this as I make progress.

Out.  :-)