Monday, 29 October 2012

Hero Kids Adventures

The Hero Kids fantasy role-playing game for kids comes bundled with an introductory adventure and more adventures are also available separately.

Basement O Rats

This introductory adventure comes bundled with the Hero Kids fantasy RPG   In Basement O Rats, the kids must rescue one of their friends from the unusually large rats that have overrun the basement of the town's tavern.
•  Introductory adventure with 5 encounters and maps
•  Includes the unique king rat monster

Escape from the Ghost Pirates

The Escape from the Ghost Pirate adventure sees the adults and kids of Rivenshore captured by pirates and thrown into the hold of their ship.   Can the kids escape from the hold and rescue everyone from the pirates, and will they discover the pirates' terrible secret?
•  Adventure with 4 encounters and maps
•  Includes the unique pirate captain monsters

Mines of Martek

When two brave miners (not minors) disappear after reopening the Mines or Martek, the kids are the only ones who are small enough to squeeze through the rock-fall that has blocked the entrance.   Can the kids rescue the miners and find out what caused the mines to be abandoned in the first place?
•  Adventure with 7 encounters and maps
•  Includes several new monsters, including the spider and spider queen

Tomb of the Lost King

On the night of the dead moon, the kids are woken by the ghost of their clan's lost king, Rothgar.   Can the kids overcome Rothgar's challenges and earn a valuable piece of equipment?
•  Adventure with 6 encounters and maps
•  Includes several new monsters, including several new skeletons and the scary ghost

Maze of the Minotaur (Premium Adventure)

This premium adventure takes the kids deep into the lair of the fabled minotaur.   Can the kids find a piece of the beast's treasure and escape, or will they fall foul to the minotaur or one of the other monsters and traps as they explore his maze?
•  Premium adventure with 8-12 encounters
•  Includes the unique minotaur monster
•  Comes with 35 modular map tiles to create the minotaur's maze!