Wednesday 27 February 2013

Vote for new heroes and pets!

Okay people, I'm starting work with +Eric Quigley on a new set of ten heroes for Hero Kids, and I want your feedback.   I'm also thinking of including a selection of five pets, because they keep coming up in requests.

Here's some ideas I've got so far, so feel free to add more suggestions and let me know your favorites so I can compile a final list.

Rough thoughts for new heroes:
1. Wolfchild
2. Elf (boy)
3. Elf (girl)
4. Fairy/Pixie
5. Acrobat
6. Brute (female)
7. Knight (female)
8. Princess (Merida)
9. Swashbuckler (pirate)
10. Mouseling?
11. Cat-person?

The pets would be something like:
1. Miniature dragon
2. Wolf
3. Dog
4. Sabretooth
5. Eagle
6. Lynx/Ocelot
7. Griffon

Drop me a comment below with your feedback.

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  1. Just found Hero Kids and really excited about it! I like the 10 above, but maybe swap out an elf for some other class types.

    1. Wolfchild
    2. Fairy
    3. Acrobat
    4. Brute (Female)
    5. Knight (Female)
    6. Swashbuckler
    7. Elf
    8. Princess

    I loved the Shining Force series for Sega Genesis, so any chance of maybe a Centaur? How about a Bard or musical class?

    I love the pets idea!

  2. I would like to see a bard as well. I've also thought about a wizard with general spell abilities that could be achieved as their non-combat power against a knowledge check. This could give some of the staples to older/more advanced players. Invisibility, Fly, Knock while losing some attack powers.

    On the pet side, I like your list and would make the following suggestions:

    Owl (for the Potter fans)
    Faerie dragons (for my girls)
    Clockwork lawn gnome (for some great comical relief)

  3. I love the new class list. A bard character would be an excellent addition.
    As far as pets go I would love to see some dinosaur action(raptor maybe) and maybe a pony would make an worthy addition.