Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Vote for new heroes and pets!

Okay people, I'm starting work with +Eric Quigley on a new set of ten heroes for Hero Kids, and I want your feedback.   I'm also thinking of including a selection of five pets, because they keep coming up in requests.

Here's some ideas I've got so far, so feel free to add more suggestions and let me know your favorites so I can compile a final list.

Rough thoughts for new heroes:
1. Wolfchild
2. Elf (boy)
3. Elf (girl)
4. Fairy/Pixie
5. Acrobat
6. Brute (female)
7. Knight (female)
8. Princess (Merida)
9. Swashbuckler (pirate)
10. Mouseling?
11. Cat-person?

The pets would be something like:
1. Miniature dragon
2. Wolf
3. Dog
4. Sabretooth
5. Eagle
6. Lynx/Ocelot
7. Griffon

Drop me a comment below with your feedback.

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