Tuesday 4 August 2015

Putting together Fire In Rivenshore maps

Attentive Hero Kids dad Angus Graham asked me a bunch of questions about the various maps included in the Fire In Rivenshore adventure, which prompted me to throw together this composite showing how the maps fit together.

On the left are the three levels of the Block and Tackle inn.  On the right are the various ground level maps of Rivenshore, including the ground floor of the inn, the stables at the rear of the inn and a watchtower, the market area, and the town square.

I'm here to help... :-)

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  1. Hey Justin, love the game. I've been having fun introducing my twins and one of their friends to my favorite kind of game with Hero Kids. My question about the maps for this adventure is what exactly are the gray areas in the outdoor maps supposed to represent? My guess is darker/shaded areas, further from the flames? I didn't see it spelled out, or even referenced in the adventure's text... although it's entirely possible that I just missed it. I know at least one player at the table will ask! Thanks in advance!

    1. The grey shaded areas are usually just the paved areas of the town.