Friday 26 October 2018

All Hallow's Eve Heroes

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new All Hallows' Eve heroes for your game:
  • Jester Alchemist - The jester always gets the last laugh against anyone nearby
  • Bear Brute - The bear brute is a formidable combatant
  • Satyr Druid - The satyr can channel powerful druidic healing
  • Krampus Duelist - Terrifying in stature and in combat
  • Raven Hunter - The raven harries enemies from a distance
  • Gorgon Mage - The gorgon is easily mistaken for a statue, to much demise
  • Scarecrow Reaper - The reaper's razor sharp scythe sorts wheat from chaff
  • Banshee Warlock - The banshee unleashes her fury against her foes
  • Ghost Warlock - This ghostly specter crackles with magical energy
  • Harpy Warrior - The harpy snatches up her enemies and drops them
Get them now from DriveThruRPG:

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