Friday 8 February 2019

Playtesting Darkness Neath Rivenshore

Thanks everyone for your feedback around the idea of having a somewhat 'mature' ending for the next Hero Kids adventure: Darkness Neath Rivenshore.

Based on your feedback, I've included the option of having alternate 'rescue' or 'ghost' paths through the adventure:

"This Hero Kids adventure includes two possible endings, one for younger kids, and another for more mature players:
•  Emon is rescued and reunited with his parents
•  Emon is a ghost who died in the well long ago

In the ‘rescue’ ending, the heroes find Emon hiding in the final room, and reunite him with his parents.  In the ‘ghost’ ending, the heroes find Emon’s bones, and take them to the cemetery to bury alongside his family."

In other news; Violet, Dash and I have been playtesting the adventure, and everything's looking great!  Stay tuned!

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