Saturday 22 October 2016

Hero Kids Random Encounter Generator

Hero Kids enthusiast and all-round spreadsheet wizard Josiah Fiscus has put together an amazing Hero Kids random encounter generator:
Hero Kids - Random Encounter Generator

The generator is pretty straightforward, but has deep underlying sophistication. It basically reverse-engineers my difficulty tuning for Hero Kids encounters, based on number of heroes and the type of encounter.

The generator allows you to plug in a few settings, and then gives you an approriate encounter, using creatures from the Hero Kids Monster Compendium. The settings are:
• Location
• Number of heroes
• Desired difficulty
• Type of encounter (normal or boss battle)

Here are some examples:

Also, Adam Bragg has put together a blog post at Spiralbound Studios that demonstrates how to use Josiah's random encounter generator with the Hero Kids Monster Compendium to quick generate an adventure:
An Endless Supply of Adventures for Hero Kids

If you don't have it, you can get the Hero Kids Monster Compendium here:
Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Monster Compendium

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