Thursday 1 August 2019

Hero Kids review round-up

What better time for a round-up of the latest Hero Kids reviews than... RIGHT NOW!

"This whole rule system is a perfect way to introduce younger children to tabletop RPGs. I have played 3 seperate sessions with my son and my nephews, and they absolutely love it. I forget the rules for damage sometimes, and railroading sometimes comes into play, but with younger kids it is best to keep the game moving on and Hero Kids provides a great way to do that.

Not only does this system have a great starting base with the Basement O' Rats adventure as well as several other follow-on modules, the author is allowing for a ton of additional content to be written and published as part of the Hero Kids label. Kudos for that! And the price just cannot be beat!

Another awesome perk of this is that you can go ahead and purchase the hardcopies if you want, but for me the digital works just fine. I just print what I need for the adventure, and keep the rest on my computer or tablet.

Overall, I love this system, and am currently using it to build a campaign for my son for when I return home. Highly recommended!!!"

How 'about this one:

"I genuinely like this better than expensive competitors like Mice and Mystics (and even HeroQuest). 

Paper minis enable Hero Kids to have a larger variety of creatures to encounter, and creatures of many different sizes. 

The stories in this are better (the prose is more concise), and the rules are cleaner. This means you get to play faster without spending much time in the rulebook. It's a game I like to bring to the table with kids."


"I'm afraid I've not played a roleplaying game for years, but my 9-year-old daughter found my old dice, asked me how they worked, and she was entralled with the idea—so I poked around the internet to see what there was nowadays and i settled on HERO KIDS. 

My two younger kids were hooked from the beginning of Basement o' Rats. My 11-year-old, initially disdainful, got interested and asked to join in—we had to contrive a way for her to join in partway through. 

The combat was exciting enough, and they got into it, but their favorite part was the side trip to the chamber with the pool, where they had to figure out how to extricate a small treasure chest from amidst magically frozen rats, without getting trapped and frozen themselves. I also decided the mushrooms there would be useful magical ingredients and were safe to eat, but made the characters glow blue the remainder of the adventure, which tickled the kids. 

In all, you've roped in three kids, 7 through 11, who had a blast with their first RPG and one dad who had a blast with them, and got to roll some serious dice for the first time in ages. I highly recommend the bundle for grownups whose professional life doesn't leave lots of time for creating—the adventures are a lifesaver."


"This product as a whole, Hero Kids, is an amazing investment. 

My 5 year old son and I have played over ten times in the first few weeks of owning it. I love how imaginative he gets. My D&D group has a few dads and we got together to all play. Each adventure is unique and has many options to increase the replay factor

It's flexible enough that we can go rules lite and really let the story be the focus, or play it straight up and work on his math and counting! And the narration is wonderful, putting the kids as the heroes to do what the grown ups can't! 

I have recommended this product and all of its adventures and expansions to all of my friends with kids."

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