Wednesday 10 July 2019

Hero Kids Creator's Guild Adventures!

The Hero Kids Creator's Guild is now live on DriveThruRPG, so this is a good time to check out a few of the great community-created adventures.  These adventures are available as a bargain-priced bundle:
Hero Kids Creator's Guild Adventure Bundle

Worries in the Weasel Warren
When weasel raiders steal a flock of sheep, it's up to the heroes to rescue them in this four-encounter adventure.

Treasured Possessions
Can our heroes help the mayor and track down the thief who has stolen his treasured possessions in this five-encounter adventure.

Mage Missing
The most mysterious man in Rivenshore warns our heroes of the terrible danger behind a series of kidnappings carried out by purple blob creatures.  Can the heroes find the missing children and free them from their captors before its too late in this six-encounter adventure.

The Case of the Repulsive Fart Monster
In this four encounter adventure, the heroes find Farmer Billy lying unconscious on the ground and soon discover the culprit; a large fart monster that they must defeat in order to save Rivenshore, once again, from a most repulsive demise.

101 Koboldz
In this fifteen-encounter premium adventure, a traveling merchant named Boris arrives in Rivenshore with a cart smack full of kobold hatchlings. When the kobolds escape, it's up to the heroes to recapture them, or maybe rescue them instead.

Picture Day
In this eight-encounter premium adventure, the heroes must figure out who stole the town's fund to rebuilt after the devastating Fire in Rivenshore.  Along the way they will meet colorful characters, pass dangerous terrain tests and battle in furious combat. 

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