Saturday 16 April 2022

Heroes From Out of Time

Here's something new for Hero Kids; Heroes from Out of Time!

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new heroes for your game:

  • Athlete - The athlete's massive strength and imposing frame makes them a formidable sight
  • Ghost - Practiced in passing unnoticed, Ghost uses an improvised surujin to strike at distant foes 
  • Goth - The goth's unique style belies her knowledge of herbal healing remedies
  • Hick - This country boy never travels without his sturdy slingshot
  • Jock - The jock's countless hours of gruelling physical training make him hardy and resilient 
  • Princess - A withering gaze and a cutting remark are the princess's weapons of choice 
  • Slugger (female) - The slugger takes advantage of enemies' distraction to swing for the fences 
  • Slugger (male) - The slugger uses his unique mobility to maintain balance in any situation
  • Tech (female) - Wielding unique tech invented by this duo, the tech's quantum pack shifts time
  • Tech (male) - Carrying the other quantum pack they invented, this twin's pack rewinds time

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