Thursday 9 June 2022

Brecken Vale Gazetteer OUT NOW!

I've just released the latest (and long-awaited) Hero Kids expansion, the Brecken Vale Gazetteer!

The Brecken Vale Gazetteer is jam packed with all-new artwork and 79 pages of information about the places, people, customs, factions, and adventures of the Brecken Vale.

Inside the gazetteer you'll find:

  • Maps and regions of the Brecken Vale and beyond
  • Maps and locations in Rivenshore
  • People of the Vale (including 26 printable character cards)
  • Culture and customs across the Vale
  • Geography and climate
  • Lineages of the Vale (humans, elves, dwarves and other lineages)
  • Factions of the Varld
  • Random encounter tables for each habitat or locale
  • Campaign paths for beginner characters to heroes of the Varld
  • Over 50 new adventure hooks

Check out the Hero Kids Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle at DriveThruRPG


  1. Just updated my download so that I could get this. We are very excited for more Hero Kids Lore.

  2. I just got it now. This rocks! Thanks a ton! Since I'm close to completing all adventures with my 3rd (my teens have moved on to DND and other RPGs), I was thinking I might need to start either creating my own adventures / generating some. This will help loads to fuel the process. Again - thanks for what you are doing :)